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Industrial Oleochemical Products (IOP) specializes in the manufacture of vegetable fatty acids as well as tall oil based products and their derivatives. In addition we produce an extensive range of quality asphalt additives, licensed packaging coating products and a comprehensive range of base oils and white oils. IOP offers a broad spectrum of quality products supported by extensive technical expertise and knowledge.  Established in 1954, IOP continues to innovate and create value for our customers.



Oleochemicals division specializes in tall oil distillates, vegetable fatty acids and their derivatives. It supports multiple industrial applications including adhesives, mining chemicals, rubber, paint, lubricants, paper-size and others.

Vinex Additives division specializes in asphalt or bitumen additives such as emulsifiers, adhesion promoters, micro-surfacing additives, rejuvenating agents, cold mix additives and many more

Leochem division produces standard and customized base oil and white oil blends to suit individual customer requirements. Applications include cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, lubricants, process oils, agricultural and many more.


PACSA division manufactures and markets a range of internal and external metal coatings for food and beverage cans under license to AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings.





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Vinex Additives
Vinex Additives